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JSW618 Silver Beads with Turquoise Pendant

Darren Livingston
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JSW618 Silver Beads with Turquoise Pendant

Three strands of 17” handmade silver beads (Navajo pearls) with a stationary turquoise pendant by Navajo silversmith Darren Livingston. The 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” cluster has 12 Campitos turquoise cabochons around a center turquoise stone.

Used for many generations this style of arranging stones in common within Native jewelry. Clusters are typically arranged in a sunburst or "flower" pattern with smaller, evenly spaced stones encircling a larger center stone. However, clusters can also be random, showcasing the stones natural shapes. Seen frequently throughout Native American jewelry, Sterling Silver "raindrops" are a traditional design element.

From the Pino Chueco and Cananea mines in Sonora, Campitos is a favorite for jewelry artisans. Campitos is unique in several ways. It grows in clay as free-form nuggets, rather than in veins which is typical of many North American turquoises. Its color closely resembles that of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and ranges from a light to medium blue with no matrix.

Darren is the son of respected silver smith Paul Livingston.  Having learned his skills from his accomplished father, Darren works in very similar materials:  heavy gauged sterling, traditional turquoise and coral stones but reaches beyond to opals and other semi-precious stones. 


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